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Cash Rich, Time Poor: The Fresh Cut Fruit and Vegetable Demand

Over half of 2 parent families have both parents working full time and today over a third of women are the main bread winners in their families. Women now represent nearly half the UK work force, with a large percentage being working mothers.
Therefore, less women are content with the traditional idea of slaving away in their kitchen during the day preparing wholesome meals for their families. The role in the kitchen has become a gender neutral one, with both parents chipping in to make meals. This switch has fuelled the demand for pre-prepared meals which are as popular as ever. But more recently there has been a new phenomenon in the food industry: Fresh Cut. Fresh Cut produce is changing the lives of our ‘Cash Rich, Time Poor’ working parents, young professionals and other busy bees.
Fresh Cut fruit and vegetables are pre-prepared fresh fruit and vegetables that are washed and ready to eat. This means that the produce is peeled, cut or trimmed and then washed and packaged. The state of the art industry requires state of the art food processing machinery to automate the cutting, peeling and packaging of these previously unprepared food items.
Fresh Cut fruit and vegetables have allowed people to eat healthier on the go. In the not so distant past, the only food items that were available to buy were unhealthy chocolate, crisps and such. The word ‘snack’ still connotates unhealthy food items. But recently snacking has been made healthy, with the Fresh Cut Industry providing fresh fruit and vegetables on the go. The supermarket fridge shelves are now full of freshly sliced and diced treats from mangos to melon or carrots and cucumbers.
But it is not just snacking that the Fresh Cut industry has revolutionised. Fresh Cut fruit and vegetables are also enabling the busy working parent or young professional to rustle up a home cooked meal in far less time. Pre-prepared fruit and vegetables can be anything from a prepared salad, carrot batons, to a ready to boil soup mix or a stir fry pack.
After a busy day in the office who wants to start peeling onions, washing lettuce leaves and dicing potatoes? When all you are craving after a long hard day at work is a good wholesome cooked meal, a microwave meal just doesn’t cut it. Fresh Cut has given the opportunity to this new generation of cash rich, time poor working people. Unsurprisingly the popularity for fresh cut is highest amongst the under 45’s: singletons with busy lives or busy young parents.
The supermarkets have realised this new demand for fresh cut, in fact all supermarkets greet their shoppers with fresh produce first. The message they want to send is clear: ‘we sell fresh food that is healthy and convenient’. Fresh cut fruit and vegetables are perfectly cut and beautifully packaged, enough to lure the British consumer into paying extra for the convenience. The fresh cut industry in the UK is worth over £1 billion today.
M&P Engineering has over 50 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing food processing machinery across the globe. M&P’s food processing machines are used by major food manufacturers worldwide. M&P is most famed for its world-renowned onion peeling machines, that are unique, peeling in a dry peeling process, eliminating the production of waste slurry.
M&P’s new food processing machinery has fresh cut in mind. New technology is constantly being developed and improved to meet the ever-increasing demand for fresh fruit and vegetables ready to eat. M&P has just introduced its latest machine, the carousel grid cutting machine. The versatile machine is able to cut fruit and vegetables into fries, batons, wedges, petals and slices.
M&P Engineering has distribution agents located all over the world, allowing them to supply across the globe.
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