Pam at the Fruit Logistica

Successful Start to 2016 for M&P Engineering Following Recent Shows

It’s been a busy start to the year for M&P Engineering, we recently exhibited at the Potato Expo in Las Vegas, followed by the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Both shows were a huge success, resulting in companies from all around the world coming to see our Large Onion Peeling Machine in action.

It was great to see visitors from Poland at Fruit Logistica, who were impressed with the speed of the machine and the quality of peeled onion produced. We also had visitors from Germany, Finland, Italy and more! We would like to personally thank everyone who we met at both shows for all of the positive feedback, it was a great to meet new contacts and see some familiar faces.

In the past we have had some confusion regarding our small and large onion peeling machines and we’d like to clear things up for you! The name refers to the size of onions that the machine is designed to peel. The M&P Small Onion Peeling Machine is designed for onions varying from 18mm to 45mm, which includes speciality onions such as shallots. While our Large Onion Peeling Machine is designed to peel onions ranging from 45mm to 115mm, with both machines peeling up to 110 onions per minute at top speed. So the name refers to the size of the onion, not the size of the machine.

We have our own YouTube channel where you can see some of our machines in action, including our Large Onion Peeling Machine. The video gives an introduction to the machine and also explains how it works, you can watch the video here.

At M&P Engineering we also have the expertise to design bespoke machinery to meet your exact requirements. Having worked with companies who manufacture a diverse range of food products, we are more than confident we can help with your food production, filling and packaging requirements. Recent examples of our sub-contract engineering work can be found on our news page here, or if you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to speak with M&P please call +44 (0)161 872 8378, or email

Pam at the Fruit Logistica

M&P Engineering Single Shot Depositor

Single Shot Depositor from M&P Engineering

This well engineered single shot depositor has been designed with functionality and reliability in mind. Utilising extensive feedback from our customers and current operators of depositors, M&P Engineering has developed a competitive, robust machine, capable of filling almost any slurry liquid product. For example, Condiments, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Jams, Creams, Cake Mix, Chutney’s, Hair Gel

The Single Shot Depositor offers the following features:-

  • Accurate deposits from 25ml to 2.5 litres (1 oz to 88 fluid oz)
  • Fully pneumatic with foot pedal control as standard
  • 70 Litre Product Feed Hopper
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Quick and easy clean down routine, in less than 5 minutes.
  • Capable of filling almost any slurry liquid product
  • Mobile support framework available on request
  • Anti-drip cut off nozzle
  • Easy to convert to fully automated system

To discuss any of our depositing machines, or used food processing equipment please contact us on +44 (0) 161 872 8378 for full details.

small crumpet

M&P Engineering designs multi-head depositor for Crumpet Manufacturer

M&P Engineering Limited is a leading manufacturer of filling, depositing, packaging and food processing equipment used by major food manufacturers worldwide. We have been designing, developing and manufacturing machinery for over 80 years and we continue to develop equipment by combining new technology with tried and trusted techniques gained from our great depth of engineering experience.

We recently designed a multi-head depositor to deposit crumpet batter onto a travelling hotplate for a crumpet manufacturer in Cumbria.  The machine was a 9 head piston filler, but had the option to isolate up to four heads so that it could be used on different products, i.e. 5 heads up to 9 heads depending on the size of crumpet, teddy bears, Christmas trees or whatever the product was. It was servo driven so they could closely control the speed of deposit and have suck back facility.

Each station had individual pistons to control the fill volume accurately. The nozzles were on flexible pipes due to the temperature of the hot plate as it wasn’t practical to have the machine mounted directly above the filling area. Other features included agitation in the feed hopper and easy strip down for cleaning on a mobile support frame.

M&P’s strength lies in an ability to provide our customers with effective and efficient solutions based on a wealth of accumulated know-how, incorporating up-to date techniques where appropriate, but always with a sound engineering understanding and exceptional customer service and support.  All of this results in a unique range of products and services providing customer satisfaction to the world’s largest and smallest businesses.

For more information about M&P’s food processing equipment please contact one of our team on 0161 872 8378, alternatively contact us through our website.

We also offer Sub-contract Engineering Services, read more here.

Variable Multi-head Depositor

Variable Multi-head 2–4 Lane Volumetric Sauce Depositor

Proving once again our expertise in depositor design and technology, we have just completed the manufacture of a variable multi-head depositor to fill sachets with a variety of sauces that contain particulates.

The requirement was for a dosing range of 30g to 200g per lane and compatible with filling hot or cold products from 4°C – 92°C

A major design feature and a demonstration of M&P’s ability to innovate, is the selectable lanes, which enables the depositor to run 2, 3 or 4 lane sachet lines.

Due to the configuration of the existing production line, the depositor needed to fill vertically to allow integration with the product sachet former. Our design team met this challenge by further developing our innovative volume control mechanism to give better vertical control and a more robust design.

Our attention to detail has resulted in a volume control mechanism with reduced stress for even greater durability.

Two identical multi-head depositors and a cleaning station completed the order for our customer. The cleaning station can clean both machines at the same time, or be used on rotation to prevent production line downtime.


If you have a depositor requirement you would like to discuss, please complete our contact form, alternatively call us on +(44) 0161 872 8378

Variable Lane Multi-head Depositor

Variable Lane Multi-head Depositor

Vertical Depositor

The Only Way is Up!

When a blue-chip food manufacturer wanted to replace their depositor, they asked if there was any way to reduce the footprint of the equipment.

Depositors are traditionally mounted horizontally, but the design team at M&P turned everything through 90 degrees and came up with a design which dramatically reduced the footprint of the machine, leaving a clearer, safer working environment. Coupled with computer control and hygienic construction, the customer has a world-class machine, commissioned and supported by a world-class company.

Contact the M&P sales or technical team for more information.