Coconut Oil Filler

Coconut Oil Filler

M&P Engineering have just completed a custom twin-head depositor.  The product needed to be filled at over 30 degrees Celsius, so the customer asked that the filler be portable and able to fit into a warming oven before production.


The design team came up with a unit consisting of a hygienic pump and two depositors controlled be a detachable control system.  Now at the beginning of production the depositor is warmed in the oven and then moved to the production area where the product then keeps it warm.  In case of delays the product hopper has an electric heater.

Another bespoke machine delivered on-time and on budget by M&P Engineering.

Coconut Oil Filler

Twin Head Depositor for Coconut Oil

Control Panel


New Jam Filler Increases Production

When it was time for a line upgrade, a major UK producer of jams and preserves turned to M&P Engineering to supply a tailor made solution.

Many product formulations have to be run on a single machine at speeds of around 300 cpm, so a flexible easy to operate machine was required.

M&P supplied a 21-head machine in a format that meant minimal alteration to the existing line layout. This included manufacturing a specially modified base to accommodate unusually low conveyor heights and an equally low ceiling! As is commonplace these days, reducing the length of changeover times was critical, so the machine was fitted with quick release change parts, motorised height adjustment and PLC controlled changeover. The general philosophy of the machine is that the operator, without the need to call for engineers should easily deal with change over and running issues.

Installation and commissioning was undertaken as a joint project between customer and our own engineers, who conducted in-depth training for the operators and maintenance staff. This approach has resulted in a smooth and hassle free transition to today’s situation where line speeds are almost double that achieved on the old machine.


Vinegar Filler for Kuwait

A long-term customer of M&P, based in Kuwait, has taken delivery of a new 8-head rotary piston filler for filling a range of bottles with vinegar.

The machine was specified to be quick and easy to change over, to eliminate glass breakage that occurs on the current machine and to ensure no product spillage occurs. In order to achieve these objectives, the machine has been supplied with motorised height and volume adjustment linked to a PLC to provide “one-touch” container change-over in a matter of seconds.

The use of a volumetric filling system has meant that the glass need not come in contact with the machine as is required with conventional vacuum fillers. This coupled with rising platforms for a bottom up fill means that repeatability and accuracy comes guaranteed.

The new machine lines up alongside other units supplied by M&P engineering nearly twenty years ago which are still operating to the customers full satisfaction. The availability, worldwide, for spares from our spares department ensures that all machines supplied by us can be kept in optimal operating condition.

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