Freshcut Fruit and Vegetables Prevent Food Waste

Freshcut Fruit and Vegetables Prevent Food Waste

A recent study from the University of Edinburgh has found that more than a third of farmed fruit and vegetables never make it to the supermarket shelves because they are the wrong shape or size.

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Why Some Onions Taste Bitter

Why Some Onions Taste Bitter

A food science mystery surrounding onions that has puzzled researchers for years has finally been solved.

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Onion Peeling Machine

Reducing Waste: How to Store Chopped Onions

Onions form an integral part of many dishes worldwide. They add taste, texture and colour to dishes and can be found in most households’ kitchens across the UK, but many recipes call for half an onion or less, so what should you do with the other half? Read more

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Fresh-Cut Fruit and Vegetables Aid Disabled Cooks

The rise in fresh-cut, pre-prepared fruit and vegetables is a blessing to the general public, especially those with disabilities, but many criticize the use of fresh-cut produce as ‘lazy cooking’. Read more

M&P - Red, White, Yellow onions blog

Red, White or Yellow? Which onions to use, when

They all make you cry, but have you ever wondered which onion to use in a particular situation? Read more

M&P - Best Before blog

‘Use by’, ‘Best before’, ‘Sell by’ – What do they mean and how important are they?

Many consumers are confused about the difference between ‘use by’, ‘best before’ and ‘sell by’ dates, resulting in a huge amount of food waste. Read more

Potato Expo

M&P Engineering to exhibit at Potato Expo 2018

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It’s exhibition time again for M&P Engineering!  We are really excited to be exhibiting at the Potato Expo at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida from the 10th to 12th January 2018. Read more

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What do food labels mean and should we take them literally?

We waste an alarming amount of food yearly. Believe it or not expiration dates are not always an accurate representation of a food’s shelf life, yet these labels are causing millions of tonnes of food waste every year. British households throw away 8.3million tons of food and drink a year, with an estimated 5 million tons of that amount still being perfectly edible. This amounts to over 17 million tonnes of CO2: the equivalent of emissions from 4 million cars. Read more

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Cash Rich, Time Poor: The Fresh Cut Fruit and Vegetable Demand

Over half of 2 parent families have both parents working full time and today over a third of women are the main bread winners in their families. Women now represent nearly half the UK work force, with a large percentage being working mothers. Read more


Come and visit us at ProPak Asia 2017

Managing Director, Pamela Nugent will be travelling to Asia to join M&P (Asia) on its stand at ProPak Asia 2017.  The exhibition runs from June 14th to 17th and promises to be Asia’s number one trade event for Asia’s rapidly expanding food, drink, pharmaceutical and FMCG markets. ProPak Asia 2017 will include 8 industry zones for Processing Technology, Packaging Technology, Drink Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Lab & Test, Materials, Coding, Marking & Labelling, and Cold chain, Logistics & Warehousing making it easier for buyers and sellers to meet and develop great business together. Read more