The Rise of PrePrepared Fruit and Vegetables

The Rise of Pre-Prepared Fruit and Vegetables

Pre-prepared fruits and vegetables have seen a sharp rise in sales over the past few years, but why is this?

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Onions and Garlic for Gut Health

Onions and Garlic for Gut Health

Researchers at King’s College London have discovered that onions and garlic can keep your gut healthy and in top working condition.

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Meeting Hotel Demand

Meeting Hotel Demands: Fresh-cut Fruit and Vegetables

The tourism industry continues to grow, with travellers visiting all corners of the world to experience new cultures or take a well-earned break. Read more

Cuisine Dream

Cuisine Dream: Onions Used Around The World

Onions are possibly the most used vegetable in the world, being used in a number of international dishes from a range of cuisines. Read more

Onion Peeler

Raw Fruit and Vegetable Found to Improve Mental Health

There has been a recent rise in the popularity of the ‘raw food’ diet, outlining that dieters should avoid cooking any food as cooking processes can remove some nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables. Read more

Onion Peeler

From ‘Ugly’ Produce to Modern Art

A worldwide concern is the amount of fresh produce that is wasted a year; a recent survey by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations found that 2.9 trillion pounds of fresh produce is thrown away each year. Read more

Onion Peeling Machine

Reducing Waste: How to Store Chopped Onions

Onions form an integral part of many dishes worldwide. They add taste, texture and colour to dishes and can be found in most households’ kitchens across the UK, but many recipes call for half an onion or less, so what should you do with the other half? Read more

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Fresh-Cut Fruit and Vegetables Aid Disabled Cooks

The rise in fresh-cut, pre-prepared fruit and vegetables is a blessing to the general public, especially those with disabilities, but many criticize the use of fresh-cut produce as ‘lazy cooking’. Read more

M&P - Red, White, Yellow onions blog

Red, White or Yellow? Which onions to use, when

They all make you cry, but have you ever wondered which onion to use in a particular situation? Read more

M&P - Best Before blog

‘Use by’, ‘Best before’, ‘Sell by’ – What do they mean and how important are they?

Many consumers are confused about the difference between ‘use by’, ‘best before’ and ‘sell by’ dates, resulting in a huge amount of food waste. Read more