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Food Manufacturers Growth Opportunities

The UK food and drink industry is on the up, expanding 27% since 1997, the 4th fastest growing industrial sector in the UK. Booming past the average growth rate of 13%, the food and beverage industry is the largest industrial sector in the UK. Valued at £28.2bn, UK food and drink totals around 17% of all UK manufacturing GVA. There are over 6,800 UK businesses that together employ a total of 400,000 people. Food and drink manufactures saw business turnover grow by 28% with profits growing by 10% and employee numbers growing 6%.

But the future is not so certain. UK’s food and drinks manufacturers will face significant challenges in coming years according to the new report by the Food and Drink Federation commissioned by Grant Thornton.

The significant findings in the report showed that almost all new product development was focused on long term calorie reduction. Nearly half of food manufacturers are involved in on-going collaboration with higher education or research initiatives.

Whilst global food exports were reported to have had a combined annual growth rate of 7%, UK food and drink exports grew by 4% during the same period. EU nations Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Germany were noted as key trading partners and the EEA remains the market with the greatest perceived potential for the industry. China, India and the UAE are seen as the top three markets that businesses surveyed would like to target.

Food and Drink Federation director general, Ian Wright CBE said:

“This detailed report by Grant Thornton charts the future shape of our industry for many years to come. It is a welcome assessment of the significant opportunities available to boost the productivity of the food and drink industry at a time of great economic uncertainty.

“The issues facing the food and drink industry are complex, but if we find the right solutions there is great reward – not just for our sector and the wider economy. We believe a new sector deal, working in partnership with government and the ‘farm-to-fork’ supply chain, will harness this potential.”

UK based food processing and food machinery manufacturers, M&P Engineering has established itself as a market leader worldwide. With 2 manufacturing facilities in the North West of England, they deliver food processing machinery worldwide. M&P has positioned numerous distribution agents worldwide.

M&P Engineering is famed for its onion processing equipment. M&P’s onion peeling machines are unique as they utilise a dry peeling process, that does not leave any waste slurry to deal with. M&P also manufactures food fillers and food depositor machinery. Depositors fall into 3 categories: single shot depositors, multi head depositors and multi head solids depositors. The fillers include inline fillers, rotary piston fillers, rotary solids fillers and Monobloc fillers.

M&P is focused on providing excellent customer service to its clients as well as continually investing in product development to stay at the forefront of the food processing machinery market.

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