Onion Peeler

How to Store Onions

Onions are a great ‘pantry food’ for those days when your fridge is bare, but how should you store onions to get the best shelf life out of them?

  1. Keep whole onions out of the fridge – Onions kept in the fridge will become soft very quickly, and will get a ‘damp’ texture. Onions are best kept in a cool, dry place, away from other produce. Other food stored with onions can often absorb the flavour of onions, which isn’t always ideal.
  2. Store onions in breathable bags – Onions need to breathe, so onions stored in plastic bags are more prone to bruising and sprouting. Onions stored in mesh bags or even clean tights can last up to eight months in the right conditions.
  3. Store cut onions in the fridge – Onions are naturally resistant to bacteria and viruses due to their natural acidity. Cut onions are ideally kept in a sealed container in the fridge and can last for seven to ten days. You can also freeze sliced or chopped onions, though they won’t be as crisp when thawed. When freezing chopped onions, it is best to ‘pre-freeze’ them by spreading them onto a baking tray, covering them and then putting them into the freezer for an hour. Then transfer them to a plastic bag and put them back in the freezer to freeze fully. This will keep the onions from sticking to each other, allowing you to use as much as you want when you need them
  4. Store pureed onions in the freezer – If you use a lot of onions in soups stocks, stews or gravies you can puree your onions in a blender and pour the resulting puree into an ice cube tray, cover them with cling film and freeze. Once frozen, pop them out of the tray and transfer them into a freezer bag.

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