Two New Members Join the M&P Team

M&P Engineering is excited to announce that its team has expanded. M&P is dedicated to continued investment in equipment and staff and is constantly working to ensure its customers receive exemplary service and innovative products.

Jackie Kenny joins us as our new Spares Administrator. Jackie will be our clients’ go to person for spares and will deal with the organisation, stocking and sales of our spares department.

Mark Fallows joins the team as a Project Engineer. Mark is excited to develop and oversee the manufacture of innovative food production equipment and to implement his engineering knowledge within the food manufacturing industry.

M&P Engineering is a leading manufacturer of food production equipment, including its world famous Large Onion Peeler. The Large Onion Peeler utilises floating knife assemblies to top and tail onions of varying sizes, and compressed air for a water-free peeling process. This results in perfectly peeled onions every time, and no waste slurry. M&P Engineering boasts over 50 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and supplying food processing machinery and offers a wide range of equipment, such as the inline filler, multi head depositor, sachet filling machines and the new carousel grid cutting machine for fruit and vegetables. M&P Engineering also stocks a range of used food processing equipment to suit all budgets.

If you would like to find out more information about M&P Engineering’s world-leading food processing equipment, call on +44 (0)161 872 8378 or contact us here.

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M&P Welcomes New US Sales Representative

Continuing its expansion into the North American markets, M&P Engineering welcomes Modern Produce Equipment, US sales representative Tom Wiersema to the team. Tom joins us following a successful career in automotive sales and is actively getting to know our USA customers and demonstrating the scope of M&P’s equipment to food manufacturing businesses across the USA. We wish Tom every success in his new role.

M&P Engineering is one of the world’s leading providers of food processing equipment, including its industry-leading onion peeling machine. M&P’s Large Onion Peeler is available for live demonstrations throughout August in our new USA office, please contact the office directly to arrange a viewing.

M&P Engineering also furnishes the world food processing market with food depositing machines, rotary transfer units, sachet filling machines, shallot peeling machines and other onion processing equipment. Its world famous large onion peeling machine tops and tails onions before peeling them with a water-free process, leaving no waste slurry.

To organise an appointment to see our Large Onion Peeling Machine in action, please call our USA office toll free on 833 844 8665 or email sales@mpspares.com

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M&P Opens New Spares & Service Facility in USA

M&P Engineering has opened a new spares and service facility in Fremont, Michigan, USA to service its customers across North and South America. The 5,000 square foot facility holds a comprehensive stock of M&P equipment spares and demonstrates M&P’s strong commitment to the North and South American markets.

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The Rise of PrePrepared Fruit and Vegetables

The Rise of Pre-Prepared Fruit and Vegetables

Pre-prepared fruits and vegetables have seen a sharp rise in sales over the past few years, but why is this?

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Onions and Garlic for Gut Health

Onions and Garlic for Gut Health

Researchers at King’s College London have discovered that onions and garlic can keep your gut healthy and in top working condition.

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Raw Fruit and Vegetable Found to Improve Mental Health

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From ‘Ugly’ Produce to Modern Art

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