Potato Expo

M&P Engineering to exhibit at Potato Expo 2018

Food Processing Equipment

It’s exhibition time again for M&P Engineering!  We are really excited to be exhibiting at the Potato Expo at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida from the 10th to 12th January 2018. Read more

Shallot Peeler

Onions and Garlic for Blood Health

As we get older, our arteries stiffen, resulting in greater blood pressure fluctuations. These fluctuations can increase the risk of stroke, heart problems and reduced kidney function – the leading causes of death among the elderly. So how can onions and garlic help? Read more

Onion Peelers

Red or White? Which onions are healthiest?

A lot of recipes call for ‘onions’ without specifying which type, and it’s often easiest to stick to tried and true white onions, but is that the healthiest choice to make? Read more

Onion Peeling Machine

How to Store Onions

Onions are a great ‘pantry food’ for those days when your fridge is bare, but how should you store onions to get the best shelf life out of them? Read more

Onion Peeler

How long does it really takes to caramelise onions?

Food writers have been misleading the public on the time it takes to caramelise onions for years. Read more


M&P Engineering Delivers Onion Peeler To Guidry’s Fresh Cut, Inc.

M&P Engineering has recently supplied two Mark III Large Onion Peelers to Guidry’s Fresh Cut, Inc. Louisiana USA. Read more

Food Origins

The Origins of Our Food

Today’s supermarket shelves provide consumers with an impressive choice, being able to select food that can come from almost every country in the world. Read more

Why Do Onions Make You Cry?

Why Do Onions Make You Cry? The Expert Opinion

170 countries across the globe grow onions, totalling around 9.2 million acres of onions harvested annually. Onions are packed full of goodness: crammed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the onion is also very low in calories. The onion forms the basis of most culinary dishes in a multitude of different cuisines around the world. Read more

Uk Food and Drink Industry

Food Manufacturers Growth Opportunities

The UK food and drink industry is on the up, expanding 27% since 1997, the 4th fastest growing industrial sector in the UK. Read more

Growing Onions

The Where and How of Growing Onions

Onions are grown in different shapes, tastes and sizes around the world. The climate effects onion production hugely. Read more