Onion Peeling Machine

How to Store Onions

Onions are a great ‘pantry food’ for those days when your fridge is bare, but how should you store onions to get the best shelf life out of them? Read more

Onion Peeler

How long does it really takes to caramelise onions?

Food writers have been misleading the public on the time it takes to caramelise onions for years. Read more


M&P Engineering Delivers Onion Peeler To Guidry’s Fresh Cut, Inc.

M&P Engineering has recently supplied two Mark III Large Onion Peelers to Guidry’s Fresh Cut, Inc. Louisiana USA. Read more

Food Origins

The Origins of Our Food

Today’s supermarket shelves provide consumers with an impressive choice, being able to select food that can come from almost every country in the world. Read more

Why Do Onions Make You Cry?

Why Do Onions Make You Cry? The Expert Opinion

170 countries across the globe grow onions, totalling around 9.2 million acres of onions harvested annually. Onions are packed full of goodness: crammed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the onion is also very low in calories. The onion forms the basis of most culinary dishes in a multitude of different cuisines around the world. Read more

Uk Food and Drink Industry

Food Manufacturers Growth Opportunities

The UK food and drink industry is on the up, expanding 27% since 1997, the 4th fastest growing industrial sector in the UK. Read more

Growing Onions

The Where and How of Growing Onions

Onions are grown in different shapes, tastes and sizes around the world. The climate effects onion production hugely. Read more

Tropea Onions

Introducing The Tropea Onion….

When asked where onions are grown, the country that comes to mind would be India. But the unsung hero of onions is Italy. Italy has a large variety of onions; its most acclaimed onion is the cipolla di Tropea. The cipolla di Tropea is being exported abroad and making appearances in dishes worldwide, also known as the Rossa di Tropea. Read more


What do food labels mean and should we take them literally?

We waste an alarming amount of food yearly. Believe it or not expiration dates are not always an accurate representation of a food’s shelf life, yet these labels are causing millions of tonnes of food waste every year. British households throw away 8.3million tons of food and drink a year, with an estimated 5 million tons of that amount still being perfectly edible. This amounts to over 17 million tonnes of CO2: the equivalent of emissions from 4 million cars. Read more


Cash Rich, Time Poor: The Fresh Cut Fruit and Vegetable Demand

Over half of 2 parent families have both parents working full time and today over a third of women are the main bread winners in their families. Women now represent nearly half the UK work force, with a large percentage being working mothers. Read more