Onions are arguably one of the most mis-understood vegetables in the world. Their health benefits are often overlooked as they are better understood as being an ingredient that makes you cry or one that adds flavour to a dish. Yet, there is much more to them than meets the eye. As well as their healing properties, onions are a great source for maintaining healthy skin as part of a beauty regimen. The antioxidant vitamins and flavonoids found in the juice of onions all help to protect skin cells and the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

With regular application, onion juice can help brighten skin thanks to its antioxidants and vitamins which give the skin cells a significant beauty boost. Its richness of vitamin C for example can help limit the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation marks.

The threat of aging skin can be tackled too as onion juice can boost the flow of blood throughout the skin cells which help keep its firmer and youthful looking. Who’d have thought a regular onion could yield such benefits!

M&P Engineering has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing onion peeling machinery and is home to the famous Large Onion Peeling Machine. With many thousands of units sold worldwide, M&P Engineering’s Large Onion Peeling Machine is at the forefront of food production globally. The efficiency of its operation means that the Large Onion Peeling Machine can withstand an input of 750kg per hour when using onions 75mm – 90mm.

As well as their onion peeling machines, M&P Engineering supplies depositors, fillers and fresh-cut machinery to cover a wide range of food production needs. To find out more about M&P Engineering’s products, call 0161 872 8378 or click here.