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Onions and Garlic for Blood Health

As we get older, our arteries stiffen, resulting in greater blood pressure fluctuations. These fluctuations can increase the risk of stroke, heart problems and reduced kidney function – the leading causes of death among the elderly. So how can onions and garlic help?

Studies have shown that regular intake of garlic and onions (more than a quarter teaspoon of garlic or onion powder) leads to reduced stiffness in the aortas. This is because garlic and onions seem to improve the function of the linings of our arteries, but the cardiovascular benefits of garlic and onions don’t stop there. Garlic and onions help our bodies prevent clotting, act as antioxidants and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Recent studies have shown that long-term garlic intake can drop bad cholesterol levels by up to 10 percent.

Many of the benefits of onions and garlic seem to be lost during the cooking process, due to their heat instability, but the benefits can still be gained through raw use – such as on salads, salsas, pesto or dips. Researchers have found, however, that if you chop and/or crush onions and garlic ten minutes before cooking, the platelet-inhibiting properties can be retained. This is because the enzyme that is responsible for the antiplatelet properties is activated by crushing and chopping, so by processing the foods first and letting the enzyme work its magic, we can retain their benefits.

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