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You may also wish to download the onion peeler brochure in .pdf, containing dimensions and full specifications for both the large and small onion peeling machines.

Here is a transcript of the video:

Onions come in different sizes and varieties. preparing them for the many food industry applications can present a variety of problems.

M&P have been involved in the manufacture of food processing machinery for many years and have been supplying this pneumatic onion peeling system for over the past forty years, a proven designed for optimum efficiency and reliability.

This system offers a complete process for 45 to 115mm diameter onions. It tops and tails the onions in one operation, then slits the skin and removes it with compressed air, no change parts are required.

The onions are picked up from the hopper automatically and then positioned by the feed operator so that the tops and tails lie horizontally across the carriers. The machine has a variable speed control that the feed operator can control from the working position, as well as a digital display to monitor quantity output. This machine can output up to 110 onions per minute.

There is Emergency Stop close at hand along with the operator control station.

Removing the tops and tails is the first operation. Both blades automatically move depending on the size of each individual onion to ensure that the minimum amount is removed and the feed spider also adjusts to hold the onions in position. (The machine will accommodate differences of up to 25mm between minimum and maximum onions sizes.) the onions’ skin is then slit so the compressed air can remove the skin from the onion flesh. The top the holds the onion in position to stop it twisting during slitting.

Our machines have been specifically designed to slit variable sized and shaped onions not requiring them to be perfectly round, which in turn produces a much higher success rates for the compressed air to completely remove the skin.

This is the top and tail cutting unit, the blade position can be adjusted to control the amount of onion cut to waste. The shape of the plastic guides, coupled with the floating action compensate automatically for different shapes and diameters. The beginning and the depth of cuts can be adjusted depending on the amount of layers you wish to remove.

From the cutting area, the onion is conveyed to the peeling section of the machine. The onion is not grabbed or held by blades in any way during the transfer. Each onion is seamlessly dropped into the Peeling chamber where the compressed air cushions the onions so that they are not damaged and quickly removes the skin

This skinning wheel has five chambers and you can see its process in action, we have removed the safety door to show you the speed and efficiency of its operation. The air pressure can be adjusted to suit the characteristics of the raw material.

As the wheel holding the chambers rotates, the peeled onion is lead to the discharge conveyor where the waste material is automatically separated from the peeled onion and an air knife is positioned at the end to prevent skins exiting with the onions. This waste is then collected and easily removed.

The machine is removing a minimum of waste and, since this is dry it is more easily disposed of easily unlike wet systems which carry inherent risk of pollution.

The onions can be discharged directly onto an inspection conveyor and processed for different applications.

Smaller pickling onions and shallots also need to be peeled for food industry purposes and we also manufacturer machine for 18mm to 45mm. The operating principle is the same, just on a smaller scale.

The M&P onion peeling system offers a number of advantages over other products on the market. The onion is not skewered by machine so the entire products is perfect for all food industry uses. and the seating position for the operator allows for optimum vision for orientating the onions which in turn leads to greater output. It has been designed to use a simple mechanical process which means it is easy to maintain,and the skinning wheeling uses a pneumatic system so it is not vulnerable to wear or damage. The machine is powered by an inverter drive.

Our onion peelers are highly efficient with no change parts and minimum maintenance required.