The demand for ready-to-eat produce has grown rapidly in recent times. Their health benefits and greater convenience to consumers has seen their stock rise in many industries. Most notably, fresh cut and ready to eat onions are becoming increasingly popular for sale in retail, food service and various other food industries.

This increase in demand for pre-prepared onions stems from the one difficulty we all face when cutting into an onion, they are notorious for making you cry. A standard onion contains lachrymatory properties that are responsible for making you cry as well as leaving a distinct odour on your hands. As onions are used worldwide in an extensive range of recipes, the inconvenience of preparing them is undoubtably experienced by millions. As a result, consumers and businesses are seeking alternative ways they can use this great ingredient without the headache that comes with self-preparation. This is where the ready-to-eat produce concept comes into effect, with the fresh cut market for onions growing faster than ever before as more people turn to this easier, more convenient and healthier solution. Certainly, the service and retail industries in particular are taking full advantage of this change in consumer preferences and spending habits as they continue to make fresh-cut onions widely accessible to their consumers in order to facilitate the ever-increasing demand.

M&P Engineering is a leading designer and manufacturer of food processing equipment, including their world-renowned onion peeling machine. M&P Engineering’s onion peeling machine uses a system of self-adjusting floating knife assemblies to top, tail and peel onions in a dry peeling process. The dry onion peeling process is able to process up to 750kg of onions per hour. M&P also provides filling and depositing machinery to the food production industry, delivering a reliable, fast process.

In addition to its range of onion peeling machines, M&P Engineering also offers further food processing equipment including its food depositors and rotary transfer units. For more information, call us on +44 (0)161 872 8378 or contact us here.

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