Variable Multi-head Depositor

Variable Multi-head 2–4 Lane Volumetric Sauce Depositor

Proving once again our expertise in depositor design and technology, we have just completed the manufacture of a variable multi-head depositor to fill sachets with a variety of sauces that contain particulates.

The requirement was for a dosing range of 30g to 200g per lane and compatible with filling hot or cold products from 4°C – 92°C

A major design feature and a demonstration of M&P’s ability to innovate, is the selectable lanes, which enables the depositor to run 2, 3 or 4 lane sachet lines.

Due to the configuration of the existing production line, the depositor needed to fill vertically to allow integration with the product sachet former. Our design team met this challenge by further developing our innovative volume control mechanism to give better vertical control and a more robust design.

Our attention to detail has resulted in a volume control mechanism with reduced stress for even greater durability.

Two identical multi-head depositors and a cleaning station completed the order for our customer. The cleaning station can clean both machines at the same time, or be used on rotation to prevent production line downtime.


If you have a depositor requirement you would like to discuss, please complete our contact form, alternatively call us on +(44) 0161 872 8378

Variable Lane Multi-head Depositor

Variable Lane Multi-head Depositor

Fruit Logistica 2015

Mechanical onion peeler to feature again at Fruit Logistica 2015

For onion growers and food producers who missed the opportunity to see our onion peeling machine at Fruit Logistica 2014, the good news is we will be back to exhibit at the 2015 show in Berlin on 4th -6th Feb.

And like last year, we will again be teaming up with our distributors Marcelissen to demonstrate the M&P Onion Peeler in action. Up close, visitors can certainly appreciate the simple yet extremely effective and durable design of our onion peeler, which can top, tail and peel up to 110 onions per minute. These qualities, together with the major labour-saving and cost-saving features of the machine are making our onion peeler a preferred option for a growing number of food producers around the world.

We are very excited at the prospect of attending the trade show and looking forward welcoming visitors to our onion peeling demo.

For more details about Fruit Logistica 2015 you can visit the exhibition website at

Meantime, if you have any questions about the onion peeler, or have an onion peeling requirement you would like to discuss, please complete our contact form or call us on +(44) 0161 872 8378

Mechanically peeled shallots leaving the discharge conveyor

Shallot Peeling Machine

M&P Engineering have once again shown the excellent versatility of our large onion peeler by modifying the machine’s design to peel shallots for a food processing company in France.

The multiple-clove shallots require topping and tailing before peeling,  and are very narrow. This presents a difficult technical challenge, as the shallots shape is awkward to handle mechanically.  M&P provided the perfect solution with design modification to the feed hopper and discharge conveyor on the Mk3 large onion peeling machine.

These innovative modifications helped to prevent a large proportion of the finished product being lost with peelings, and ensures efficiency is at the very high levels of all our machinery.

This complete adaption of our Large Onion Peeler to a Shallot Peeler is ultimately made possible by the unique design of the skinning wheel, which allows for a much wider variation of produce shape.

The shallot peeling machine is now in full production with a capacity of up to 110 shallots per minute.

If you would like more information about our Large Onion Peeler or have a requirement you would like to discuss, please get in touch.


Shallot Peeling Machine

Shallot Peeling Machine



Radish Top and Tail



Never afraid of a challenge,  M&P engineering have been working with a customer to modify a small onion peeler to top and tail radishes!  Although radishes don’t require peeling, the unique and positive way the M&P machine handles the product means that the radishes are topped and tailed safely and consistently.


Radishes are usually eaten raw in salads but can be steamed or roasted.  They are increasingly sold pre-packed, washed, topped and tailed for convenience


The first machine is to be delivered this month and already the design team are investigating other potential uses for this unique machine.


Contact the M&P sales or technical team for more information.


Large Onion Peeler

Onion Peeler Machine Production

Since the relaunch of the new onion peeler machine from M&P engineering, staff have been working hard to satisfy the worldwide interest in this unique equipment.

The latest machine to be built is for an Australian company and is due to be shipped next month.  The MK3 onion peeler machines are available with many options allowing installation worldwide and can be used on its own, or fully integrated with an existing production line.

Call our sales team now on +44 (0) 161 872 8378 to discuss any aspect of onion peeling machinery.


New Jam Filler Increases Production

When it was time for a line upgrade, a major UK producer of jams and preserves turned to M&P Engineering to supply a tailor made solution.

Many product formulations have to be run on a single machine at speeds of around 300 cpm, so a flexible easy to operate machine was required.

M&P supplied a 21-head machine in a format that meant minimal alteration to the existing line layout. This included manufacturing a specially modified base to accommodate unusually low conveyor heights and an equally low ceiling! As is commonplace these days, reducing the length of changeover times was critical, so the machine was fitted with quick release change parts, motorised height adjustment and PLC controlled changeover. The general philosophy of the machine is that the operator, without the need to call for engineers should easily deal with change over and running issues.

Installation and commissioning was undertaken as a joint project between customer and our own engineers, who conducted in-depth training for the operators and maintenance staff. This approach has resulted in a smooth and hassle free transition to today’s situation where line speeds are almost double that achieved on the old machine.