Variable Multi-head Depositor

Variable Multi-head 2–4 Lane Volumetric Sauce Depositor

Proving once again our expertise in depositor design and technology, we have just completed the manufacture of a variable multi-head depositor to fill sachets with a variety of sauces that contain particulates.

The requirement was for a dosing range of 30g to 200g per lane and compatible with filling hot or cold products from 4°C – 92°C

A major design feature and a demonstration of M&P’s ability to innovate, is the selectable lanes, which enables the depositor to run 2, 3 or 4 lane sachet lines.

Due to the configuration of the existing production line, the depositor needed to fill vertically to allow integration with the product sachet former. Our design team met this challenge by further developing our innovative volume control mechanism to give better vertical control and a more robust design.

Our attention to detail has resulted in a volume control mechanism with reduced stress for even greater durability.

Two identical multi-head depositors and a cleaning station completed the order for our customer. The cleaning station can clean both machines at the same time, or be used on rotation to prevent production line downtime.


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Variable Lane Multi-head Depositor

Variable Lane Multi-head Depositor