Mechanically peeled shallots leaving the discharge conveyor

Shallot Peeling Machine

M&P Engineering have once again shown the excellent versatility of our large onion peeler by modifying the machine’s design to peel shallots for a food processing company in France.

The multiple-clove shallots require topping and tailing before peeling,  and are very narrow. This presents a difficult technical challenge, as the shallots shape is awkward to handle mechanically.  M&P provided the perfect solution with design modification to the feed hopper and discharge conveyor on the Mk3 large onion peeling machine.

These innovative modifications helped to prevent a large proportion of the finished product being lost with peelings, and ensures efficiency is at the very high levels of all our machinery.

This complete adaption of our Large Onion Peeler to a Shallot Peeler is ultimately made possible by the unique design of the skinning wheel, which allows for a much wider variation of produce shape.

The shallot peeling machine is now in full production with a capacity of up to 110 shallots per minute.

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Shallot Peeling Machine

Shallot Peeling Machine