Are canned vegetables healthy? This is a frequent question we ask ourselves, and the truth is canned vegetables can be just as healthy as fresh vegetables, since after you cook them, most frozen, fresh, and canned vegetables are similar nutrients-wise. The fact that they are accessible, affordable, and easy to store and prepare, may help some people increase their vegetable consumption.

Canning is a preservation method to prevent food from contamination and spoiling, making them last much longer than their fresh counterparts. Vegetables are very fresh when they are canned and so they are at their peak nutrition values. They are first washed, peeled, and chopped, blanched to help maintain flavour, colour, texture, and their nutritional value, and then canned. After this the cans are sealed to ensure there is no contamination, and then heated to kill any bacteria and prevent spoiling.

Canned foods are also a good option to avoid food waste, since you can open them and use them whenever you are ready, instead of worrying about fresh vegetables getting spoilt.

One thing to keep in mind about canned vegetables is that some of these options are very high in salt. Try and check the nutrition label before buying so you can try and find options without any added salt, or even options with reduced salt. The same can be said for the preserving liquid. These types of foods are usually canned in either water, oil, or juice. Try going for water for a healthier option.

Storing canned food is also quite an easy task. Just make sure you store them in a cool and dry place and consume them within the recommended time.

M&P Engineering is a world leading UK based manufacturer of food processing equipment, including onion peeling machines, food filling equipment, food depositing machines and sachet filling machines. M&P Engineering boasts over 50 years’ experience designing, manufacturing, and supplying food processing machinery and offers a wide range of equipment.

Our range of rotary solids fillers have been designed to handle a wide range of products including part-cooked rice, pasta, and pulses prior to the addition of garnish sauces, vegetables (whole, sliced and diced), meat, fruit (fresh and dried). An extensive combination of models and options allows the handling of a wide variety of containers. You can learn more about this here.

M&P Engineering’s Large Onion Peeling machine uses a dry peeling process, resulting in no waste slurry. It can peel, top and tail onions with diameters between 45mm and 115mm using its self-adjusting floating knife assemblies. The peeler uses compressed air to remove the skin, resulting in optimum end-product appearance. The large onion peeler has a raw material input rate of 750kg per hour when working at optimum speeds but can be adjusted to suit the needs of the processor.

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