Believe it or not, the difference between green, yellow, and red peppers is their stage of ripeness. They are all the same type of pepper but at different stages of ripeness, which makes them taste slightly different.

Green peppers are unripe, red peppers are fully ripe, and yellow (and orange) peppers are somewhere in between the two.

A lot of people wonder why they cost different amounts at the grocery stores; if they are the same type of peppers, then perhaps they should cost the same? The truth is, while the biggest difference between the peppers is their stage of ripeness, the different colours can change what you get out of them.

All peppers start out green and then change colour as they mature. The longer they mature, the sweeter they are and the more nutrients they gain.

Because green peppers were picked while not ripe, they will last longer and have longer shelf lives, but are less nutrient than their counterparts. This also makes green peppers the cheapest to buy. Red peppers will be more expensive because they were left on the plant for longer, required more time, water, and resources.

In the end, all types are good for you and should be included in your diet. Red peppers are popular because of their sweeter taste and nutrients. On the other hand, green peppers are just popular, because of their longer shelf life and they cost less to buy.


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