Do you like carrots? Perhaps they are not your favourite vegetable, but for many they are essential. And whether you include them in your diet or not, we are sure you have been told at some point about the benefits of eating carrots and how good they are for our health.

Carrots are rich in carotenoids, which our body convert into vitamin A. These compounds play an important role in eyesight, which is what carrots are famous for. We have all heard about carrots being beneficial for our eyesight and this is very true! Carotenoids also help maintain a healthy immune system and healthy skin.

Carrots are also high in fibre to help keep a healthy gut and are high on vitamin C. The fact that they are high in fibre and low in calories can help with weight loss, as they can keep you feeling satisfied for a long time.

If you and your family are carrot lovers, you will benefit from the vegetable’s healthy properties, but also enjoy its hearty texture and natural sweetness.

They are not only good in hot dishes like soups and stews, and are popularly used as side dishes, but they are also great in sweets and desserts, like the popular carrot cake. But carrot cake is not all you can do! Other sweet and healthy options include cupcakes, muffins, even smoothies. For healthier options, you could try carrot hummus, which is sweeter than the traditional option but still just as healthy.

There are also other creative not as common things you can do with carrots. For example, carrot mac and cheese, carrot chips, or carrot noodles.

Food Processing Equipment

M&P Engineering is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing equipment, based in Manchester, England. Our equipment is used by food manufacturers all over the world, and we have been serving this industry for over 50 years.

Our Carousel Grid Cutting machine is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can cut vegetables and fruits into fries, batons, wedges, petals, and slices. With an output of 4,800 pieces per hour, our Carousel Grid Cutting machine is the most productive machine of its kind available on the market. You can see it in action here. 

In addition, M&P Engineering is also home to the world-famous Large Onion Peeling machine. This machine can top, tail, and peel onions of 45mm to 115mm in diameter by using self-adjusting floating knife assemblies.

Our range of food processing equipment also includes depositorsfillers, and our Radish Top & Tailer machine.

If you would like to learn more about our food processing equipment, call us on 0161 872 8378 or contact us here.

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