We say it all the time – onions are the most used vegetables in the world. But garlic comes in as a very close second. These two are regularly used together by many households, as they are both very popular ingredients as dish starters.

Their strong smell and delicious taste are what makes them so popular, but better tasting recipes is not the only benefit that garlic can bring to your life.

Throughout ancient history garlic was mainly used for its health and medicinal properties. Scientists now know that these benefits are caused by sulphur compounds, which are formed when a garlic clove is chopped, crushed, or chewed.

Garlic is also great at keeping your gut healthy. Researchers have found that garlic is high is prebiotic fibres, which has a big impact on bacteria found in the body. This bacteria is essential for a healthy gut system to operate effectively.

Garlic also contains various other nutrients and is very low in calories. Truly, it contains a little bit of almost everything you need for a healthy lifestyle.

To keep a healthy gut, not only should you be including more garlic and onions in your diet but also try your best to eat a wide variety of plant-based foods. All vegetables and fruit are good for you!

M&P Engineering is a leading provider of food processing machinery, including onion peeling machines, single shot depositors and food packaging machinery.

The M&P onion peeling machine revolutionises the onion peeling process through its dry peeling, waste slurry free process. The dry onion peeling process is able to process up to 750kg of onions per hour. M&P also provides filling and depositing machinery to the food production industry, delivering a reliable, fast process.

M&P products can be obtained through one of its worldwide distributors and are used by major food manufacturers around the globe.

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