Looking to get prepared ahead of time for a big meal? Planning ahead for tomorrow’s dinner? Then you might be wondering if it is safe to peel and cut potatoes the day before serving them. The answer to that question is yes! But there are some things to be mindful of, we will tell you more about these below.

The best way to make sure your potatoes do not go bad overnight, is to keep them underwater and refrigerate them after peeling and cutting them. While you can prepare and store your potatoes ahead of time, it is important to keep some things in mind:

  • Keeping them underwater will work better for larger cubed potatoes but shredded or finely cut potatoes do not deal with soaking as well. If you are planning on working with smaller potato chunks it would be better to prep them the same day you are using them.
  • You should also avoid the soaking if you are planning to fry these potatoes, as hot oil and wet vegetables do not mix very well. They will be less crisp this way.

The whole process is simple: peel them, leave them whole or dice them if you want, fill a bowl with cold water, submerge the potatoes and store in the fridge overnight.

While this trick can be quite handy, it will only work for about 24 hours, so we would recommend to not prep your potatoes too far in advance.

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