Onion rings are a very popular snack everywhere. They are great side dish but you can include them in other meals as well. For example, they are a great addition to burgers and hot dogs!

And you do not need to go to a restaurant either, as you can easily get the ingredients to make them yourself, in the comfort of your home. And while they are somewhat straightforward and easy, it can be tricky trying to get the perfect crisp when making them yourself.

We can help! Follow the recipe below to make sure your home-made onion rings come out with perfect crispiness every time. You can use any variety of onion you like, but white onions are the most commonly used.

Start by cutting the onion into medium sized rings and separate them from each other. Size is important because if the rings are too small, they might not hold together all that well.

In a bowl, mix half a cup of flour, 1 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt and another of paprika. You can add any other condiments too, like pepper or chilli powder. It is all down to personal taste with this step. Mix everything together and coat each onion ring. In a different bowl, mix in half a cup of milk and one egg. Add the left-over flour mixture from before and stir to avoid any lumps and coat each onion ring with this mixture. Next, coat the rings in breadcrumbs.

The last step is to fry the onion rings. Add oil to the pot, just enough to cover the onion rings and work 3 to 4 rings at a time so the frying process is even. You can use any oil you like but we find canola oil works best.

Practice makes perfect, so give this recipe a try and keep trying until you get the perfect fried onion rings!

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