Refogado is a popular “sauce” made around the world, most popular in Latin American and Portugal, as it works as a base for almost every dish.

There are several ways of making this sauce. The most basic version includes diced onion and garlic, fried on low heat in oil or butter (usually olive oil, as it is healthier). Add a pinch of salt, cook it until golden, and you are done. It sounds very basic and simple, but it truly adds flavour to every dish, and it can help you reduce waste. This is because, for refogado, you do not need to use fresh onions.

You can use this as a base for any dish, but it is most popular with rice. Using the instructions above, once the onions and garlic are a nice gold colour, add the rice and water and cook as you normally would. You will notice a big difference in flavour.

Other variations of this sauce can be made, depending on what you are using it for. A very popular one is to add tomatoes to it. Be it either chopped up tomatoes or tomato paste it will make a huge difference in how your dish will taste.

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