Earlier this month, Pamela Nugent, Managing Director of M&P Engineering visited Sandy Shore Farms in Canada to catch up with Marc Wall and to see how M&P’s large onion peeling machine was operating.

During the visit, Marc showed Pam around his fresh cut facility. Along with peeled onions, Sandy Shore Farms also process various vegetables including broccoli, bell peppers, cauliflower, cucumber’s, and eggplant for distribution throughout Canada and the USA.

Marc added “we are really pleased with the performance of the large onion peeling machine and we are actively looking to expand and grow our onion peeling facility. We are currently sourcing onions from different regions of Canada and North America so that we can supply our Freshcut customers with peeled onions all year round.”

Onion peeling is a new addition to Sandy Shore Farms product range and after reviewing several machines from different manufacturers, Marc opted for the M&P Onion Peeler based on the positive recommendations he received from existing customers of M&P and also the fact that the machine could be easily supported by the M&P spare parts and service facility in Fremont Michigan. Mark purchased the peeling machine from Tom Wiersema at Modern Produce Equipment, who have sold several M&P Onion Peelers across the U.S. and Canada over the years as well as vegetable processing and handling equipment.

Mark has been impressed by the M&P Large Onion Peeler after seeing first-hand its benefits, stating “we are now achieving up to 1,600 lbs per hour since installing the M&P Large Onion Peeler. It’s such a simple machine to operate and maintain that our entire team love using it and with no software to worry about it’s easy to troubleshoot when something does go wrong – which is quite rare actually! The machine is extremely reliable which is great for business here as reliability is really important for supplying our freshcut customers.”

Sandy Shore Farms is owned and operated by the Konrad and Wall families. The families have farmed asparagus and other crops on the north shore of Lake Erie for over 65 years. Shore Fresh was formed in 2004 to handle the packing and shipping part of the business. They have packed, handled, processed and shipped asparagus, broccoli, bell peppers, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini and many other crops throughout Canada and the USA.

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