Environmental sustainability is a hot topic in modern times, and so it is important that manufacturers all around the globe adapt their processes to make sure that they are not only being as productive as possible but also improving their eco-friendliness.

This is especially true in the food manufacturing sector. The demand for fresh fruit and vegetables is constant and so food production manufacturers need to find quick and easy solutions to provide only the best services to their customers and must also find ways to adapt their processes so they can keep up with the needs of the world.

It is important for the food manufacturing process to find ways of increasing their productivity with eco-friendly solutions. This is where M&P’s machines come in.

Our Onion Peeling machines offer the same high-quality product as hand peeled onions, while using less labour. This allows companies to free up workload which then allows employees to do other jobs.

Our Large Onion Peeling machine removes the onion skins by using compressed air, making it a dry peeling process. It also uses floating knives that adjust to all different onion sizes, making sure to top and tail only the necessary amount, reducing the amount of food waste. Because it uses no water to remove the skins, this means that there will not be any waste slurry to deal with and the onions remain dry throughout the process.

In the coming years, as the demand for fresh produce grows, it is critical that manufacturers adapt their manufacturing process and start using more productive and environmentally friendly machines.

Onion Peeling Machine

We have years of experience designing and manufacturing food processing equipment. Our Onion Peeling machine uses a state-of-the-art process that tops, tails, and peels onions of 45mm to 115mm diameter, using self-adjusting knife assemblies, to avoid as much waste as possible. Our machine is also easy to operate due to its simplistic mechanism and design.

In addition to the onion peeling machine, we also offer a wide range of food processing equipment, such as our Carousel Grid Cutting machine and our Radish Top & Tailer. 

M&P’s Radish Top & Tailer tops and tails radishes at a rate of up to 100 units per minute. The top and tail knives adjust their position to the size of the radish, reducing waste and allowing operation on a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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