M&P Engineering has a long history of designing multi head solids depositors for specialist filling applications.  The volumetric pocket filler is designed to handle a wide range of free flowing products, providing a lower cost option to weigh filling.

We provide a wide range of depositor models and options with design and capacity to suit customer filling requirements.

Typical Products include small dry and free flowing products such as:

  • Pulses and Rice
  • Granules
  • Cereals
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Confectionery
  • Beads and Pellets

Specifications and features will vary with product and container, but typically:


  • Up to 10 cycles per minute
  • Non-contact product hopper with level sensors
  • Number of pockets and pitch of filling heads to suit thermoformer or any type of rigid container
  • Product hopper with agitation to prevent bridging
  • Consistent accurate fill with adjustable telescopic measuring pockets
  • Manual adjustment of fill volume
  • Discharge chutes lower into trays during filling cycle to ensure no spillage
  • Pneumatic opening and closing of sliders with speed control
  • Combination of 316 Stainless Steel & UHMWP contact parts
  • Minimum Product Loss at Changeover
  • Electrical/Pneumatic control panel mounted on mobile framework
  • Easy Strip down for Cleaning
  • Depositor on Mobile support stand for ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Health and Safety Guarding Complying to CE Regulations

The machine operation can be further enhanced by options including quick release change parts (no tools required) for alternative tray formats (e.g. 2 x 5 row format to 2 x 3 row format),  twin hoppers and two stage cylinder on rails to fill two products into same pockets (Up to 5 cycles per minute) and a product feed system.

Manual operation of hopper also available.

The machine shown here has twin hoppers and a two stage fill sequence available to allow half and half filling, for example nuts and raisins or crackers and popcorn. The machine was fully integrated into a production line, communicating with a product elevator and the tray forming machine.

Contact one of our team to find out more about the M&P Engineering range of depositors and fillers.

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