Operating decisions by food manufacturers today are dominated by two aspects: productivity and the environment. With rising populations and adverse weather seen across the globe, demand for foods such as fruit and vegetables are at an all-time high. The result of this unprecedented demand is simple for food manufacturers; they must constantly find new ways of streamlining their processes, making them more productive if they are to keep up with needs of the world. Crucially though, any adaptations made to their manufacturing processes must strive to be environmentally friendly. The future of the food industry as a whole is reliant on the use of sustainable methods from production right through to the shop floor. Thus, food manufacturers moving forward must seek to improve productivity with eco-friendly solutions – an example of which would be using an M&P Engineering peeling machine. These machines not only offer the same output of peeled produce per minute as 8-10 humans, they also help limit the amount of food that goes to waste and in our landfills. The use of peeling machines can free up workload and allow more employees to do the jobs that require a skilled hand, further improving the productivity of the business.

In the coming years as the demand for everyday foods and the clamp down on climate change grows, it will become even more critical for food manufacturers incorporate solutions such as peeling machines into their processes if they are to be here for the long term. Sticking to tried and tested methods and not adapting to the ways of the world is simply not a feasible option anymore. Manufacturers must start turning to productive, eco-friendly machines today in order to be successful for the future.

M&P Engineering has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing food processing systems with over 50 years’ service in the industry. M&P Engineering is home to the popular large onion peeling machine which uses a state-of-the-art process that tops, tails and peel onions of 45mm to 115mm diameter using self-adjusting floating knife assemblies. Despite its advanced capabilities, the machinery is easy to operate due to the simplistic mechanism and design.

In addition to the onion peeling machine, M&P Engineering offer a wide range of food processing machinery, including food depositors and rotary transfer units. If you require food filling equipment, M&P Engineering designs and manufactures sachet filling machines to suit your factory requirement. If working on a budget, speak to a member of our M&P Engineering team today to discuss its range of food processing equipment.

If you would to like to found out more information about any of M&P Engineering’s products, call us on +44 (0)161 872 8378 or contact ushere.

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