Onions are the most used vegetable in the world. If you are looking for a new recipe online, usually they will ask for an onion, but sometimes will not be very specific as to which kind of onion you should use. So, with so many different options available, which should you choose?

Realistically, the differences are not so noticeable that you will ruin a recipe by using the “wrong” type of onion. If you generally prefer red onions over white or yellow onions, then go with that. They all work just fine in their own ways. But the truth is, certain dishes will taste that little bit better depending on which type of onion you use.

If you can only store one type of onion at a time, it should be the yellow onion. These account for the majority of the UK’s onion crop, which makes them easier to find, and they are ideal for caramelising or for using as a base for a lot of different dishes. They are the most popular onion type and are versatile enough for just about anything.

White onions can usually be substituted for yellow onions in any situation when they are being cooked, but they do tend to be milder in flavour when eaten raw.  White onions also do not tend to last as long as yellow onions, which makes them a little more difficult to store.

Red onions are typically better eaten raw. They are very popular in salads or burgers as they taste sweet and add a splash a colour to the dishes.

M&P Engineering is a world leading UK based manufacturer of food processing equipment, including onion peeling machines, food filling equipment, food depositing machines and sachet filling machines.

M&P Engineering’s large onion peeling machine uses a dry peeling process, resulting in no waste slurry. It can peel, top and tail onions with diameters between 45mm and 115mm using its self-adjustable floating knife assemblies.  The peeler uses compressed air to remove the skin, resulting in optimum end-product appearance. The large onion peeler has a raw material input rate of 750kg per hour when working at optimum speeds but can be adjusted to suit the needs of the processor.

As well as their onion peeling machines, M&P Engineering supplies other food processing equipment. Some of these include depositors, fillers, and fresh-cut machinery to cover a wide range of food production needs and suit all budgets.

To find out more information about M&P Engineering’s products please contact us here.

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