On Wednesday 13th of July, El Mundo published the results of a survey which aimed to settle once and for all one of the most divisive discussions of all time in Spain: do onions belong in tortilla de patatas or not?

This matter is as controversial for the Spanish as “does pineapple belong on pizza” is for the rest of the world. This debate has been going on for generations, and truthfully it all comes down to personal taste.

After the survey’s results came out, it turns out that Spaniards really do prefer their tortillas with onion; of those surveyed 72.7% favoured onion, 25.3% were completely against it, and 1.9% decided not to answer. This survey broke the internet for a few days, with a lot of debate still happening about the topic, even after the survey showed that the majority do enjoy onions in their tortillas.

While this was surprising for a lot of people, for many it was not surprising at all. Many restaurant owners have come forward to say that in their restaurants, tortillas with onion have always been the more popular choice. They believe that, as long as the onion flavour is not overpowering, onions do make the tortillas taste better and make them a bit juicier.

Onions are one of the most used ingredients all around the world; you can use them as a base for many dishes such as soups or even rice and pasta dishes, you can use them in burgers and salad, or fry them into the popular onion rings.

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