Never before has there been such an emphasis on eating healthily, keeping strong and safe, and trying to ensure we all eat our 5-a-day.

Fruit is good for you and your health; this is common knowledge. But sometimes it’s difficult to motivate yourself to eat enough of it, especially on a daily basis when everyone is so busy.

Fresh-cut fruit is convenient, portable, and easy to access and it satisfies your need for a healthy snack. Fruits and vegetables possess qualities that can make them fun to eat, things like eye-catching colours, natural sweetness, crunchiness, and juiciness. Presentation is an important part of it as well… the convenience of salad bowls or fruit bowls, can entice consumers to buy them. The work it takes to prep fruit (and the fact that this prep time can be a messy process) can sometimes influence people not to consume enough of it.

Consumer demand for exotic fruits also seems to be increasing. Fruits like mango, pineapple, papaya, kiwi, lychee, passion fruit and dragon fruit can make for a more dynamic fruit bowl for example. Their colours can influence people to buy them, and if they are ripe and ready to eat, this provides a healthy solution.

The snacking culture is rising and plant-based diets are very popular right now. Because of this, ready to eat fruit and vegetables is a good option for people who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Eating fruit together with things like nuts, for example, is becoming more popular and also helps with protein consumption and an improved diet.

M&P Engineering has over 50 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing food processing equipment across the globe. M&P’s food processing equipment is used by major food manufacturers worldwide.

M&P’s new food processing equipment has fresh cut in mind. New technology is constantly being developed and improved to meet the ever-increasing demand for fresh fruit and vegetables ready to eat. One of M&P’s latest innovations is the Apple Wedging & Coring Machine.

M&P also manufactures onion peeling machines, that feature a unique dry peeling process, eliminating the production of waste slurry. M&P engineering’s large onion peeler uses self-adjusting knife assemblies to top, tail and peel onions between 45mm to 115mm diameter, with a capacity of up to 750kf of onions per hour.

For more information about M&P’s food processing equipment, click here or call 0161 872 8378.

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