Onions really are one of the most versatile vegetables in world.

In cooking, they can bring out the best in your meals. They are packed with nutrients and will improve flavour, texture, and even bring out a more interesting visual aspect in a meal (like adding purple onion to a salad – looks good and tastes amazing).

In medicine, an onion a day can keep the doctor away! Onions are full of health benefits and are one of the healthiest vegetables. They contain antioxidants, which are believed to be good for the heart. They are anti-inflammatory and believed to be a good way to reduce cholesterol. They can be good for your skin and aging process, and to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Even onion peels can be useful and have wonderful benefits for our health. Boil the peels, turn them into tea and it can help with a sore throat or boost your immune system.

But there are other less common uses for onions that not everyone might have thought of. For example, during the current winter months, a lot of people will know the struggle of getting up early in the morning and walking up to frozen car.

When you are caught off-guard and don’t have an ice scraper, go back inside, find an onion and chop it in half. Use this to wipe your frozen windshield. The juice from the onion will lower the freezing point of the water found in the ice and snow on your windshield, meaning it will help it defrost and it will take longer for it to freeze again. The more onion juice you can get, the better!

M&P Engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing equipment to suit all food production factories. M&P Engineering’s large onion peeling machine uses self-adjusting floating knives to top, tail and peel onions. The machine is easy to operate due to the simplistic mechanism and design and thanks to the dry peeling process the product remains in pristine condition once it has been peeled.

In addition to onion peeling machines, M&P Engineering also offers a wide range of food processing machinery, including food depositors and rotary transfer units.

If you would like any more information about our products, please contact us here.

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