While it is certainly a matter of taste, if you do like both white and sweet potatoes, which should you choose?

While they differ from each other in appearance and taste, and while they are relatively close in terms of nutrition, they do offer you different nutrients and can affect your blood sugar differently.

Sweet potatoes are often believed to be the healthier of the two options, with things like sweet potatoes chips becoming more and more popular in recent years. But the truth is, while they do have less calories in them, they are higher in sugar as well.

Food Processing EquipmentIn this table, we can see a closer comparison between the two. All things considered, they are close to each other and both types bring great benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

Both types of potatoes are rich in fibre, carbs, proteins, good fats, vitamins B6 and C. However, white potatoes are higher in potassium, whereas sweet potatoes contain more vitamin A.

When it comes to blood sugar level concerns, the effect that eating potatoes has on this differs from different types of potatoes, portion sizes and even cooking method. Both are OK when eaten in moderation.

Potatoes are highly nutritious and healthy, but they are often cooked in unhealthy ways. For example, potatoes are famously turned into chips, mashed with butter, or baked with not so healthy toppings, such as cheese or beans.

To prepare potatoes in a healthier way (be it white or sweet potatoes), try boiling or baking them instead of frying, keep the skin on (this is where the fibre is), and serve with condiments like herbs and spices.

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