For many people, incorporating vegetables into daily meals can be quite the task, particularly for those who don’t enjoy their taste or texture. But even for those who struggle, including vegetables in your diet is extremely important and is a goal for many people.

With a little creativity, this task can become easier:

  • Although fruits are the more popular option, vegetables such as spinach, kale, and carrots can just as easily be turned into smoothies. Experiment with combinations to find one you enjoy, and if it still isn’t for you, you can always mix the vegetables with fruit and a sweetener like honey or agave.


  • Vegetables are also incredibly easy to hide in a sauce, as once they are blended and mixed with other ingredients you won’t be able to taste them as much. A pasta sauce with courgette, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and garlic is a wonderful way to add nutrition to your meals. Add in some spices or cheese for extra flavour!


  • Soups and stews are quite straight forward. In a soup, almost every vegetable can be blended into the broth. It will not only add some needed nutrients but also thicken up the broth.


  • Some vegetables such as lettuce have also started being used as a replacement for bread in sandwiches. Wrap the lettuce leaves around things like other sliced vegetables, hummus, avocado, or a sliced boiled egg.


  • Vegetables also make for some creative snacks. Roasted chickpeas or vegetable chips seasoned with spices are an incredible option to add more vegetables into your daily routine.


With practice (and trial and error to find out what you like), incorporating more vegetables into your meals will become easier. Blending them into smoothies, adding them to a broth, or experimenting with turning them into snacks – there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to food.

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