Carrots are an integral part of culinary practices all around the world and have been for centuries. They are believed to have originated in Central Asia and the popular vegetable has found its way into traditional dishes in various parts of the world.

  • In Asia, the uses of carrots are quite creative! From stir-fries where you can appreciate the sweetness, popular in China, to pickles in Japan, these vegetables are used in a variety of traditional dishes.
  • In Europe, carrots are commonly used in stews, soups, and even desserts. In Britain, a lot of people appreciate a slice of carrot cake. In France, “Potage Crécy”, a creamy carrot soup, is loved by the locals.
  • In the Americas, carrots were quickly integrated into local cuisines. In North America, “Carrot and Raisin Salad” became a classic side dish, and in Mexico “Escabeche” is a traditional pickled carrot and chilli pepper dish.

This delicious and nutritious vegetable is a global symbol of tradition, and clearly loved by people all around the globe.

The culinary diversity surrounding carrots is a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of human societies. Each culture has found unique ways to incorporate this vegetable into their traditional dishes, adding a burst of colour and flavour to their culinary heritage.

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