The word crudité is a variation of “raw” in French. The name suits this dish incredibly well as it consists of raw vegetables and dips.

There are several different ways to put together a crudité platter, from simple ways (a mix of 3 or 4 different vegetables) to more complex ones (including meats and cheeses).

Raw vegetables will taste better when they’re fresh so you should consider which ones are in season at the time, but almost anything can work, it all depends on taste. Carrots, cucumbers, peppers, celery, and radishes are the most popular used vegetables.

These vegetables are full of nutrients, and crudités are an excellent snack for people of all ages. For adults, it’s an easy on-the-go dish that helps you get in your 5 a day. For kids, it’s a colourful, crunchy, and fun snack.

As part of our food preparation range, M&P Engineering manufactures high quality fresh cut produce machinery, such as the Carousel Grid Cutting Machine.

This versatile fresh cut machine is capable of cutting vegetables and fruit into fries, batons, wedges, petals, and slices. With an output of 4,800 pieces an hour, M&P’s Carousel Grid Cutting Machine is one of the most productive machines of its kind on the market. See it in action here.

As part of this range, we also manufacture the Radish Top & Tailer. This machine tops and tails the radish, at a rate of up to 100 per minute. The top and tail knives of the machine float to adjust their position to the size of the radish, reducing waste and allowing operation on a wide range of radish sizes and shapes.

Because of its manual adjustment of the top and tail knives, no change of parts is required.

To learn more about our food processing equipment please contact a member of the M&P team today.

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