Onion chutney vs onion marmalade. Is there really a difference or are they just different names for the same thing?

It can be quite confusing on what makes a marmalade a marmalade, and what makes a chutney a chutney. Name-wise it can cause some confusion, as a marmalade is normally something we associate with citrus fruit.

Some people say that the difference is on whether the ingredients have been crushed together or boiled. Others say it’s about whether or not the onions are ‘sweated’.

Whether you call it one or the other, we can agree that the end result is delicious no matter what.

Onion chutney/marmalade is quite popular around this time of year. In the U.K., it is a must-have condiment to accompany Christmas food.

A lot of people opt for making their own chutney, instead of buying from their local supermarket. This allows people to adapt recipes to their own palate. Depending on your taste, if you are making your own chutney, you can have it sweeter or stickier, or you can add some extras to it as well, such as raisins.

The more basic recipes will only ask you for onions (red or brown, both work great), olive oil, salt and soft brown sugar. You want to caramelise these onions, cook them in oil and salt for about an hour. Once the onions are soft and gooey, add the brown sugar, let it melt and bring to the boil. If you would like to try a ‘fancier’ version of this recipe, you can also then add a bit of red wine and balsamic vinegar.

If you are trying to think of a Christmas gift for your family or friends, a jar of homemade onion chutney is a thoughtful gift that we are sure they will appreciate.

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