Onions are a staple in the kitchen; however their uses go way beyond cooking. Onions can be used in many household and DIY projects, making them extremely versatile.

For example, when it comes to cleaning your grill, the onion’s acidity can help break down grease, making them a cheap, effective, and environmentally friendly way to clean. Just cut an onion in half (white or yellow works best) and rub it over the hot grill grates.

Onions are also a great solution against rust. Cutting an onion in half and dipping it in salt makes for a great abrasive tool. The combination of the onion’s acidity and the salt will help break down and remove rust.

The natural sulfur compounds in onions help dissolve tarnish, which is helpful for bringing back the shine of silverware. Onions can also be used to repel insects in your home, and their skins also make for a natural fabric dye.

Onions, often regarded as a kitchen essential, possess an array of surprising uses beyond the culinary world. So, the next time you chop an onion for your favourite recipe, remember that its usefulness extends far beyond the plate.

M&P Engineering is a leading designer and manufacturer of food processing equipment, including our world-renowned onion peeling machine.

M&P Engineering’s onion peeling machine uses a system of self-adjusting floating knife assemblies to top, tail and peel onions in a dry peeling process. The dry onion peeling process is able to work with up to 750kg of onions per hour. See it in action here.

M&P Engineering also offers a wide range of food processing machinery in addition to onion peeling machines, including our freshcut machinery: the Carousel Grid Cutting machine and the Radish Top & Tailer.

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